Under UK regulations you can carry out most internal works including alterations without any need for planning permission however you will still require Building Regulation Approval. We can deal with all the submissions and liaise directly with the Local Building Authority to ensure your work is progressed and completed satisfactory and obtain a building certificate upon completion.

We have extensive experience in all types of alterations and restoration to domestic properties and can assist you from beginning to the end to create the designs that suit you. As well as the structural calculations we carry out the survey, produce the 3D drawings with the details and specifications of all the works.

Whether your going up, down or out with your property it may require a lot of significant change to your property and can alter its structural integrity. It is important that your property remains structurally sound and safe during and after the completion of your project.

Alterations can simply be required to create larger spaces internally on the ground floor for or could be alterations to the roof to create a loft space, removing chimneys, underpinning foundations to add another storey or adding a basement to your property. Whatever it is we at Structural Hub ltd have wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you to successfully complete your project.

Whilst developing the design we take into consideration the budget of the client as well as all other factors including constructability, cost, safety, sustainability, timescales of the project hence provide a safe, cost-effective and buildable solution.

We also can assist you during the construction phase a liaise with the builder to provide answers to queries regarding the design or if any stages the builder requires on site support and advise. We can also carry out quality site inspections during this time to ensure that the builders actually carrying out the works as per the design and is working to industry standards. This could be very important because builders often utilise their building experience and make changes to the proposed design which may work at times but at other times may jeopardise the intended design which may lead to unsafe conditions or cause long term defects to the property which may not be immediately envisaged.

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